Saturday, May 1, 2010

Digging Virginia part 4...the last installment

Our convoy of Dayton Diggers arrives at the new dig site. In no time doors were flying open, trunks were popping up and tailgates were dropping down as everyone went to work getting there gear out and on as well as setting up there detectors.
In no time everyone had their coils to the ground. Lacey walked about 20 yards from our jeep and hit on a target and was starting to dig. Aj had locked his coil on a target and began his dig. I myself worked my way past them and found my own target and began to go to work on locating it. My find turned out to be a modern nail. Lacey was still digging her target, Aj had found a nail as well and had worked his way past me.
I looked around to survey all the other diggers and I hardly seen anyone, they had all dispearsed in all directions. Brandon was just a few yards up past Lacey working on a target. Tim and Floyg the treasure pug were still in the area. Other than that there was not amny diggers to be found.
Lacey, having gave up on her target walked over to where I was working on a new target and she was a little discouraged. Until she had overheard Aj talking that he heard someone found a button. And that they found it pretty deep.
Lacey then asked me if I felt she should go back and keep working on the target she had previously given up on. I told her it was up to her. Well she decided to go back and keep digging. It wasn't long before she had found me once again to tell me that after diggin for what seemed like forever she located nothing more than a moder pop can. I myself was having no luck either.
It wasn't long before Aj was holding up a target he had dug up. It looked like and old door stop, but not sure (we are still trying to identify it).
The three of us then ventured into a wooded area and around the lake where I hit on a target which turned out to be an old crank of some sort and a large washer.
We then made our way back to the jeep for a break and some lunch. Boy it felt good to sit down.
As we enjoyed out lunch of sandwhiches, chips, and pop we chatted about the fun we had had the whole time we were in Virginia and how we wished the weather would have held out onr more day so we could have stayed. It was during this time that Brandon and Doug had made their way back to the vehicle. It wasnt long before they to were digging in their coolers for food and drink. We all just sat around talking about metal detecting and various other topics as we waited for others to come back from their hunt.
Members began trickling in to tell of their finds or lack there of as it was in mine, Aj's and Lacey's case. Others had more luck as there was talk of buttons, buckles, horseshoes and what not being found. One member (Ben) even found a White's Bullseye pinpointer, which was returned to its rightful owner after razzing him on its size and the fact that it looked more like an 80's cell phone rather than a pinpointer.
Manny returned to talk some of the others to return with him to the house foundation and retrieve a piece to bring back as souveniers. Of course I knew at that point I would not be able to make it back to the home site and back so I volunteered Aj to go, after instructing him to bring back a piece for me, Lacey and my sister as well.
Just before leaving Brandon made the comment that he wished he had a backpack to carry his pieces back in. As luck would have it Lacey had brought her drawstring back pack from Kings Island and offered it to Brandon to use. He was thankful.......well until he seen what color it So you know we had to get a picture of that...Brandon with his pretty pink backpack. And then they were off.
Watching them all walk across the field towards the woods was like watching Dorothy, Tinman, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion walking towards emeral city...weird huh?
So there we were Lacey, Myself and Doug left again to wait for them to return. I decided to pass the time swinging my coil. I had gotten 20 yards from the jeep when I hit on a signal. I began digging but had not located the target. Lacey came over and offered to dig for me. Well of course I wasn't turning that down. So she began to dig for me. We had a good sized hole dug and still no target, yet the signal was strong. It was still showing about 6 inches on the screen so Lacey kept digging. I took over for a few and after about a minute my shovel hit on metal. It was just a small piece sticking out of the side of out trench....I mean hole...anyway i tried pulling on it and it wouldn't budge. It was bigger than I thought. finally after Lacey began digging and pulling we unearthed the item. It turns out it was an old plow piece blade.
I know it wasn't much but to me it was my best find. As I looked at it I couldn't help but wonder if it could have been used during the time that Meriwhether Lewis was on this farm. Could he have even had it in his hand at one time. either way I was happy.
I wasn't long after that Aj and the gang had returned with the foundation stone pieces.
After clearing Aj of all the ticks that had clambered on to him. We began saying our goodbyes to the handful of diggers that were there. Then we started our trek towards home.
After stopping several times at rest stops along the way to sleep we made it home. It was good to be home but we will never forget the good times we had and the new friends we made on our trip to The Dayton Diggers 2010 Virginia Hunt.
So that pretty much wraps up digging up the past in Virginia. Thanks for reading along!


  1. great story and I sure wish I could have seen Brandon with a pink backpack! hope you got pictures!

  2. Oh you know I couldn't pass up that photo Opp! I'll will post it on the forum.....Sorry Brandon lol.