Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Digging Virginia part 3

Morning came and I was awakened by the light sound of rain hitting the top of the jeep. My first thought was "oh no I bet the kids forgot to put the dry goods box in the tent last night".

So began my scrambling to get moving after sleeping all scrunched up in the back of the jeep. You have to realize I'm 5'9" tall sleeping in 4' of space. (yet it was still better than sleeping on a pine cone!).

I finally manage to get my shoes on and get the side door open, but getting out was going to be the tricky part. Here it is not quite 5am and I'm trying to be quiet getting out of the jeep. Yeah that wasn't happening. Quiet was the last thing I was being.

I had managed to get one leg out of the Jeep but the other was not yet ready to wake up so lets just say I was well ....stuck. Now I am no spring chicken, (in fact I'm much closer to the "Old Buzzard' award) and I just don't bend like I used to. Hell I don't think I had ever bent like I needed to in order to free myself from my predicament. Anyway there I was with one leg out and the other one stuck and I'm thinking "Ok now what?"

I'm trying not to hang on the door because not only am I NOT a spring chicken, but I'm also not a stick figure either and I don't want to pull the door from its hinges...... I don't have the six pack abs I had back when I was 18. That was 22 years and two kids ago.....I now have a keg!

Anyway finally after about 10 minutes of trying to balance on one leg and slowly hop backwards a little I managed to get loose from the jeep. Which by that time it had stopped raining and I found that the kids had actually listened and put the box as well as the detectors inside the tent.

Once again I turned on the bacon alarm clock. I had gotten the camp stove lit yet once again with out incident. In no time the smell of bacon again permeated its way through the campsite waking everyone up. It wasn't long before some began heading over for a bite.

Though we were all excited about getting to hunt the new location, there was still a bit of somberness in the air because none of us wanted to leave. But we also didn't want to get caught in the storms that we were doomed to face. So began the tear down of campsites and loading of vehicles.

Tim walked over and looked in my jeep after we had it all loaded and he said "boy and I thought I had alot of stuff in my car, how did you get all that in there?" Lacey replied "Oh we call mom the queen of cram, she can get more stuff in one small space than you could ever imagine".

So there we were all loaded and ready to roll out when Brandon walked over and asked if we had jumper cables. Well of course I did. I never leave home with out them or a jump box.

Tim's car wouldn't start. after all of the stuff he had charging that he worried would drain his battery, it was the dome light that did it.

We got Tim up and running and off we were once again in a convoy ........ following behind Manny. Now you know we were all thinking ( whether or not any of them want to admit it) "Is he going to get us lost again"?.....but he didn't and we met the rest of the group at the first dig site. We picked up the owners daughter and headed out for our second day of civil war relic hunting.

Come on back tomorrow for the final installment to Digging Virginia

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